Download: Kota the Friend – EVERYTHING (Album Zip File)

Kota the Friend - EVERYTHING

Kota the Friend - EVERYTHING


Kota the Friend releases a new album titled ” EVERYTHING “. Let’s know your take on the new album in the comment section below.

BQE – Kota the Friend Ft Joey Bada$$ & Bas: MP3 DOWNLOAD
Three. Two. One. – Lennon Stella: ALBUM DOWNLOAD

EVERYTHING by Kota the Friend is a great comeback. Kota started playing trumpet in the fourth grade. He studied at Brooklyn High School of the Arts. He also went to Five Towns College for trumpet. When he got to high school, he played keyboard, guitar, bass. Later, he started venturing into producing, making beats and that is how he traveled into the world of hip-hop. When he got to college, he started a little rap group, Nappy Hair Stream and download Kota the Friend EVERYTHING.

Kota the Friend – EVERYTHING Lyrics and Tracklist

Mi Casa
B.Q.E. ft. Bas, Joey Bada$$
Long Beach ft. Hello Oshay
Lupita’s Interlude
Away Park ft. Kaiit
Morocco ft. tobi lou
Seven (Interlude)
Always ft. Braxton Cook & KYLE
Lakeith’s Interlude
Everything ft. Lil Kota


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