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Roseburg drops a new single called, Wave. Their leading single on the album, “Wave” sets the stage for their best year yet. With melodic instrumentals and pithy lyrics, Roseburg proves they are a force to be reckoned with. They may be young but they’ve created a soulful, mature sound that puts forth a message of patience, hard work, and self-reflection. All the while being one of the most replayable listening experiences audiences have had in quite a while. “Wave” reflects the band’s embodiment of the overcast, rainy, green Oregon surroundings and blends their darker, edgier undertones with radio-friendly pop songs. Roseburg has truly created a sound that is entirely their own. “Righteous Punk” promises to take this band from up and coming to on top and is Roseburg’s debut full-length album. Set to be released in September of this year, “Righteous Punk” will take listeners on a uniquely entertaining ride. Roseburg collaborated with producers Nate Pyfer and Scott Wiley on this album.

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Righteous Punk – Roseburg: ALBUM ZIP DOWNLOAD

Wave by Roseburg. In an interview with the bassist of the band, Soren Buchert, he explained why the album has been such a long project. “Making a song is more than just writing and being able to play it… the recording process is bigger than anyone knows.” The amount of time spent on each song varied, but Buchert said that they wouldn’t put out any songs that the band felt wasn’t ready. When asked what students at East High School can take out of Roseburg’s music, Buchert explained the idea behind Righteous Punk. “What we’re doing is trying to make music anyone can listen to… the character in our album is archetypal. [We want these songs to be] abstract enough for anyone to listen to.” Part of making the songs able to be listened to by anyone was the mixing of genres, not only in the album as a whole but in the songs themselves. “A lot of it is a rock at its core,” Buchert said. But when listening to the different tracks, you can hear the blending of pop, alternative, and the band’s wide array of musical influences. In one song, drummer Keith Lambson switches things up with a John Mayer-like guitar solo. The talented musician ditched the drums and the darker undertones of some of the other songs on the album for a ballad-type song with a complex guitar solo that draws heavily from one of Lambson’s musical inspirations, John Mayer. Another song on the record mixes up several of the band’s biggest idols’ music styles. “It’s like Coldplay, Jon Bellion, Billie Eillish, and twenty-one pilots all together,” Buchert said enthusiastically about the song. “It might be my favorite, to be honest.” Stream and download Roseburg – Wave.

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