Swept to the Sky – Jack Peñate: MP3 DOWNLOAD

Prayer - Jack Peñate

Swept to the Sky - Jack Peñate: MP3 DOWNLOAD

Swept to the Sky – Jack Peñate: MP3 DOWNLOAD

Jack Peñate has released a new song titled ” Swept to the Sky “. At Peñate’s concerts, it is customary that audience members enter the stage while the song “Torn On The Platform” is performed. One such stage invasion at the Oxford Zodiac on 22 April 2007 resulted in a fan stealing Peñate’s distortion pedal. After he’d realized it was missing he proclaimed, “D’you know what? Whoever’s got it… keep it! Just make sure you play a Telecaster through it and not a Gibson!

Swept to the Sky by Jack Peñate. eñate made his way up the ranks of the club and bar scene of London before he was signed by record label XL Recordings. He released his first promo single in October 2006, “Second, Minute or Hour” along with its b-side track, “Got My Favourite”. This single was released by the record label Young Turks, as a 1000-only limited 7 inch, each containing a different Polaroid photograph, taken of Peñate. And in April 2007 he released the “Spit At Stars EP”. In addition to the title track, this featured “My Yvonne”, “Cold Thin Line” and a cover of Darondo Pulliam and Darondo’s “Didn’t I”. The CD edition of the EP also included the first song he ever wrote, “Jack Of All Trades”, which he wrote with his band at school called “Jack’s Basement”. Swept to the Sky Iis a must-listen album.v He has appeared on XFM radio’s “Xposure” and his first two singles were both Single of the Week on BBC Radio 1 DJ Zane Lowe’s show. Listen and download Swept to the Sky – Jack Peñate.


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