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Sad Boys - Niia

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Niia releases a new song named, Sad Boys. Niia’s ass is front and center on the cover of her second song, II: Sad Boys. The title is there, too, tattooed in cursive just above her hip, more of a stubborn assertion than a triumphant celebration. But the best part about an song cover so blatant, is the stunning, subdued jazz the record represents. A statuesque beauty, who is just as at home modeling as she is using her smoky, sweet alto to croon updated, percussive jazz standards, Niia Bertino was born and raised in Boston, the daughter of an opera singer who dutifully studied piano and was unable to shake an insatiable love for jazz.

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Niia’s song Sad Boys is just fascinating. R&B/Jazz singer Niia has been through it since her debut song, I. The relationship that prompted her to move to LA six years ago — and one she foresaw turning into marriage — collapsed. Left alone to pick up the pieces and contemplate where it all went wrong, Niia did what any musician in her place might do and channeled those feelings into the bedrock of her newly announced sophomore song, II: Sad Boys. Listen and download Niia — Sad Boys.

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