DOWNLOAD MP3: Michele Manzo – Infinite War

DOWNLOAD MP3: Michele Manzo - Infinite War

Michele Manzo – Infinite War

Michele Manzo releases a song called “Infinite War”. ‘Infinite War’ is also a deeply collaborative effort. The chemistry with heavyweight collaborators like Georgia Anne Muldrow, Dudley Perkins, Nicholas Ryan Gant, and RayClev is incredible – they compliment his instrumental tapestry with poetic ammo, elevating “ALL RISE” to a level of virtuous artistry. As its title implies, “All Rise” is a powerful work with thundering production from Manzo and fiery social commentary from Muldrow and Perkins.

Infinite War by Michele Manzo. Amid a resonant sonic aesthetic, the track reflects on the turbulent current social climate in America, highlighting themes of racism, greed, and growing divisions in society. Through it, all, though, is a subtle hint of hope that together we can make a change in the system. With continued collaboration and understanding across the globe like that found on “Infinite War,” we may end up okay after all. Infinite War is a genuine reflection of Manzo’s art form, which sees so many different styles and influences coming together in the most natural, organic way. Everything. Listen and download Michele Manzo Infinite War.


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