DOWNLOAD MP3: Kanye West – Jesus Is king

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DOWNLOAD MP3: Kanye West - Jesus Is king

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Kanye West has just dropped a new song titled ” Jesus Is king “. Taking to a crazy sample-driven instrumental, Ye locks into a razor-sharp flow, spitting bars that should sate those missing “the old Kanye.” His trademark wit shines through in spades, a cleverness not often conveyed in his interviews. “Lifelike, this if what your life like, try to live your life right,” he spits. Kanye West by Jesus Is king is an amazing song. “People really know you push your buttons like typewriting, this is like a movie but it’s really very life.” A likely contender for Jesus Is King standout, “Jesus Is king” is proof that Kanye can still put in work when the inspiration has taken control. Either that or the calming presence of his daddy. Kanye West is a legend.

Jesus Is king by Kanye West. Admittedly, Jesus Is King was a tough pill to swallow. The idea that one of the game’s most acclaimed and divisive innovators had pledged himself to the Lord, and would thus commit to making gospel music, had many on the fence. And yet with Jesus Is King’s sudden arrival comes a slew of subverted expectations. No more so than on track three, “Follow God,” which might very well be the best Kanye has rapped since “No More Parties In LA.” Listen and download Kanye West Jesus Is king.


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