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Suigeneris releases a new song titled ” Aye Slump “. Sui Generis was formed in 1969 from the merger of two bands: To Walk Spanish, originally led by Charly García and The Century Indignation, originally led by Nito Mestre. The newly formed band’s members were Charly (piano), Nito (flute), Alberto Rodríguez (drums), Alejandro Correa (bass guitar) (later replaced by Rolando Fortich), Juan Carlos Bellia (guitar) and Carlos Piégari (guitar and vocals). In its early life, Sui Generis experimented with psychedelic music but would eventually refine and change its sound and is now generally classified as folk-rock. Infamously, at Sui Generis’ first big performance, none of the members but Charly and Nito appeared. Despite the poor showing, they went ahead with the show, García playing the piano, with Nito accompanying on the flute. Amazingly, the audience still loved them. García’s simple songs of adolescence contained substantial poetic elements that showed through the limited instrumentation. After this they decided to continue as a duet with Charly composing songs and playing the piano, Nito playing the flute and both at vocals and guitar.

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Aye Slump by Suigeneris is a great comeback. Soon after Sui Generis started to gain fame, García, then 20 years old, had to take a break from the band to fulfill his mandatory military service. Unhappy in the service, he pulled outrageous stunts, such as reportedly taking a corpse in a wheelchair for a walk in the sun because “he was too pale”. Eventually, García swallowed a large dose of amphetamines and faked a heart attack, in an apparent attempt to cut short his military service. Garcia was hospitalized, and it was there that he composed two of the band’s most famous songs: “Botas Locas” (“Crazy boots”), censored when first released, and “Canción para mi muerte” (“Song for my death”). Garcia was released from the military due to “mental health problems”. In 1972, Sui Generis released its first LP, Vida (Life), which became instantly popular, especially among Argentinian teenagers. Confesiones de Invierno (Winter Confessions), their second LP, was released in 1973. This album had higher production values and better studio equipment and was also a huge commercial success. Stream and download Aye Slump – Suigeneris.

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